Peanut with fresh vegetables

By Grandma Hermien

Grandma Hermien is a big celebrity at Grandma’s Soep. On the one hand because Grandma Hermien is really ‘big’ and on the other hand because of her delicious peanut soup. Grandma Hermien makes this soup so delicious because of the combination of fresh vegetables, herbs, bean sprouts and finely chopped peanuts. Grandma Hermien has been involved since the foundation of Grandma’s Soep and is – after Grandma Grootje – the very first grandmother who found Grandma’s Soep in a community center that really can cook very well. Although Grandma Hermien is a celebrity, she doesn’t like too much media attention, so she doesn’t want to be photographed. Because of this, everyone can keep fantasizing about how big Grandma Hermien is.

Grandma Hermien is big, but her soup is even bigger

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