Dutch Pea with smoked sausage

By Grandma Grootje

Grandma Grootje is a proud grandmother, because she is the founder of Grandma’s Soup. Grandma Grootje worked as an au pair for a French family with seven children in Paris, and there she learned to cook very early on. Grandma Grootje’s has been using her cooking skills and secret recipes that originated in Paris, to make delicious soups for her children and grandchildren for decades. Her children grew up with her delicious dishes, and flew out to the Randstad to try their luck there. As a result, Grandma Grootje was more and more alone, and so her grandson, together with a good friend, came up with the idea of making soups with the elderly and young people in order to bring the elderly out of isolation. One of the first soups of Grandma’s Soep is therefore also from Grandma Grootje, the Dutch traditional pea soup. Besides pea, the pea soup contains many firm fresh vegetables such as carrot, celeriac, onion and garlic. Meanwhile, Grandma Grootje is still hoping that the cooking days will soon also take place in Maastricht. Everyone can easily help with that by eating a nice bowl of pea soup from Grandma Grootje.

Grandma Grootje is the founder of Grandma’s Soup.”

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