Our goal is to win the battle against old people’s loneliness by bringing young and old people together throughout the Netherlands

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The battle against loneliness

Loneliness among the elderly is a huge and growing problem. Almost half of the elderly in the Netherlands (1,4 million) feels lonely regularly. Read here how Oma’s Soep is committed to combat loneliness among the elderly in a sustainable way.

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Jolly cooking days

Oma’s Soep effectively combats loneliness by frequently organizing jolly cooking days, during which young and old people make soup (or hotpot) together. The cooking days are organized at multiple locations in the Netherlands. Read more about the cooking days here.

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Oma’s Soep-at-Home

Currently because of Corona it is not possible to organize the cooking days. Luckily, we found an alternative solution to cheer up the elderly during these hard times: Oma’s Soep at Home! Read more here.

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Fresh soups made with leftover vegetables

To reduce food waste, Oma’s Soep picks up leftover vegetables and herbs at supermarkets and green grocers every week, and uses these fresh products during the cooking days. Therefore, it’s always a surprise for the elderly and volunteers which soup they will make. Explore the delicious products our grandmas and grandpas make with these leftover vegetables.

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Social enterprise

Oma’s Soep is a social enterprise which exists of two connected parts, a private company and a foundation. The foundation organizes the activities for the elderly which are financed with the private company’s profit. At least 50% of the private company’s profit is invested in the foundation. Read more about our social enterprise here.

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