Oma's Soep at home

Every week our volunteers bring the grandmas and grandpas a gift package. The package contains a pot of soup, a gift and a handwritten message from a volunteer (including their phone number, so they can give the volunteer a call during the week).

During an ‘Oma’s Soep at Home day’ the student boards prepare the gift packages after which the volunteers can pick them up at a central location in the city.

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Volunteer for a smile

Volunteers begin their ‘Oma’s Soep at Home day’ by writing a message for the lonely grandmas and grandpas they will visit that day. After doing this, the volunteers jump on their bike to bring the gift packages round. When the volunteers drop off the gift packages they stop to have a chat at the front door (always corona-proof). To create structural contact, Oma’s Soep tries to connect the same volunteers with the same elderly people every week. The elderly really appreciate the moment of contact and the gift package. The structural contact is good for their mental health and the fresh soup they receive is good for their physical health. Have a look beneath and check out more events organized by Oma’s Soep.