Jolly cooking days

Each ‘Oma’s Soep city’ is run by a student board. The students are responsible for organizing the cooking days. The cooking days are organized at community centers and retirement homes.

“The cooking day begins the moment the student volunteers come in with the ‘saved’ vegetables and put them on a large table”.

I want to help

Together with the elderly

The volunteers and the elderly decide together which soup they will make. Together they cut the vegetables or have a chat. While the soup is cooking, the volunteers and elderly people usually play a game. Once the soup is ready, they finish of the day by enjoying their own made soup together. The elderly really enjoy the cooking days. Moreover, they appreciate the contact with the young volunteers. The structural contact and the fresh soup are good for their health. The cooking days provide meaning and joy. Have a look below and check out more events organized by Oma’s Soep.