Make a lonely elderly person in your neighborhood happy!

Would you like to contribute to the life of an elderly in your neighborhood? You can make a difference. Become a structural volunteer at Grandma’s Soup!

We are now active in 12+ cities and visit more than a thousand elderly people throughout the Netherlands every week. It is our goal to make as many elderly as possible happy and you can help us with that! We currently organize three types of activities throughout the Netherlands, weekly.

What you can expect from us

  1. Nice colleagues & fellow volunteers
  2. Fantastic adventures and stories
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Cooking Days

Grandma’s Soup Cooking Days are always about having fun. It is a unique combination of making delicious soups together with young and old. During the Cooking Days, vegetables are used that would otherwise be thrown away,

The Cooking Days are held at different locations and participation takes about 3 hours. An afternoon full of board games, strong stories, more jokes and, of course, delicious soup!

Soup-at-Home days

With the Soup-at-Home days, we reach the elderly who need companionship the most. Through local GP’s, physios, local supermarkets and many other supporters, we reach a large group of vulnerable elderly people. Every week we deliver packages filled with our delicious soup, a motivational card and a surprise to the elderly in your neighborhood. Grab a moment to socialize with your neighbor over a cup of coffee, take a walk or do something together. The Soup-at-Home day is organized weekly from a fixed location and participation takes about 2-3 hours. Your smile, cozy chat or brief moment of contact can make a world of difference for our elderly.


A few times a year we host both small and large events locally and nationally. From the Grandma’s gala to the Grandma’s pop-up speed dating restaurant; innovative events in different locations.

Your work

You will help on cooking days or bring soup to elderly people. You can support the student board with the preparations for all Oma’s Soep activities and you manage fellow volunteers. In addition, you are the face of Granny’s Soup and propagate this to the outside world.

Everyone is welcome at Oma’s Soep and participation is free for both volunteers and elderly people.

You are welcome to join weekly or biweekly. Sign up by emailing or going to – here you will find current dates, times and locations of activities and events.