Oma’s Soup is a fast growing social enterprise with the goal of fighting loneliness among the elderly. We do this by bringing young and old together and organizing fun cooking days, where we make delicious soups together, all according to Grandma’s recipes.

What you can expect from us

  1. Guidance from the founder and Social Impact Manager

  2. Internship fee of 250 euro per month (+ bonus structure)

  3. Freedom to express all your creativity

  4. The possibility of a contract

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Unfortunately, due to the corona crisis this is temporarily no longer possible, but the help we offer to the elderly is even more important. That is why we now do the following: each week volunteers deliver packages to lonely elderly people’s homes containing an Oma’s Soep and a personal card from the volunteers to keep in touch with lonely elderly person. We can finance these activities to combat loneliness by selling soups in the Albert Heijn, Spar, Picnic, AH to Go and Jan Linders Supermarkets. Oma’s Soep also sells her soups for lunch to companies, restaurants, hospitals and hotels. The turnover of the sales is used to help more lonely elderly people.

What are we looking for in you?

You are full of positive energy, you are creative, you work independently and you are socially strong by nature. You get excited about coming up with strategies on how to recruit elderly people or volunteers and you show initiative to put your passion for social involvement into practice.

What are you going to do?

We give you responsibility for the social activities of the local authorities at Oma’s Soep. You can use your creativity by making cooking days and Grandma’s Soup at Home days even more fun for the elderly. You are also continuously working on recruiting more lonely elderly people by, for example, conveying the initiative of Oma’s Soep in a clear and positive way during appointments with general practices or home care institutions. In addition, you will think about strengthening the bond between the elderly and volunteers and how the experience of the volunteers can be further improved.

In addition to recruiting senior citizens, Oma’s Soep is always looking for extra volunteers, and you will play a major role in this. You will work in a strategic manner to recruit and retain volunteers at Grandma’s Soup. Can you quickly convert your ideas into action and are you not afraid to put your new ideas on the table and get started yourself?

Finally, you will also be deployed to lead and execute various marketing (promotion) projects and you will convey the concept of Oma’s Soup to everyone in your environment. The goal is to introduce as many people as possible to Oma’s Soup in order to increase the social impact throughout the Netherlands.

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