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Based on the recipe of our Grandpas and Grandmas. Together with our grandfathers and grandmothers, we are currently making 16 different flavors. We regularly adjust this range to delight you with new flavors and old favorites.

Tomato with fresh basil (500 ml)

Pumpkin, slightly spicy(500 ml)

Red lentils, slightly spicy (500 ml)

Mushroom with fresh parsley (500ml)

Dutch asparagus (500 ml)

Grilled sweet bell pepper (500ml)

Thai curry with red peppers (500 ml)

Zucchini with thyme and white pepper (500ml)

Dutch Vegtables (500ml)

Tom Kha kai (500 ml)

Chicken with fresh vegetables (500ml)

Dutch Pea with smoked sausage (500ml)

Tomato with fresh basil (300 ml)

Pumpkin, slightly spicy (300 ml)

Indian Curry

Mushroom with fresh parsley (300 ml)

Thai curry with chicken and stir-fried vegetables

Simmered meat stew with grilled vegetables

Penne Bolognese

Penne arrabbiata

Rendang Indonesian stew and sajur beans

Roti with beans and potatoes

Tikka Masala with coconut rice and vegetables

Pumpkin lentil curry with spinach, bulgur and feta cheese

Mexican stew

Endive with smoked sausage and gravy

Kale with smoked sausage, red cabbage and grandpa’s gravy

Endive with Dutch meatball, pickled onions and grandpa’s gravy

Wild mushroom stew bourguignon

Pasta sauce Arrabbiata with red chilli pepper

Pasta sauce with tomato and fresh aubergine

Creamy spinach with black pepper

Chicken with fresh vegetables

Red lentils, slightly spicy

Pumpkin, slightly spicy

Dutch Pea

Tomato with fresh basil (300 ml)

Tomato with fresh basil

Mushroom with fresh parsley

Mustard leek

Sweet potato with ras el hanout

Thai carrot ginger

Grilled sweet bell pepper

Moroccan harira

Sweet potato broccoli with vega balls

Sweet potato with ras el hanout (500 ml)

Peanut with fresh vegetables

Thai curry