On September 12, 2020 a sunny Sunday morning, Oma’s Soep meets Grandpa Atta for the first time at community center de Keyzer. Let it be clear that this was not a memorable day for Oma’s Soep because of Grandpa Atta’s cutting skills. Grandpa Atta doesn’t like cutting in the kitchen, but he loves to take the stage to tell his stories. Which is a good thing, he knows how to make both the elderly and the young volunteers laugh. Grandpa Atta likes to make a lot of jokes or talk about his youth as football player, when he used to play with Ruud Gullit.

Ruud Gullit football player of the year? He knows how to use his head and he definitely has the looks, but regarding technique I’m much better!

Grandpa Atta   //  A wise Grandpa

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