The best recipe against loneliness

Granny’s sells delicious fresh soups and meals made to Granny’s authentic recipe. Proceeds are used to make lonely seniors happy! At least 50% of the profits are donated to the Granny’s Foundation. The Foundation organizes weekly activities in various cities throughout the country where young and old are brought together to combat loneliness. Locally, our student boards organize weekly Cooking Days and Soup-to-Door Days, and nationally we organize major events and PR campaigns.

The more soups and meals sold, the more elderly people are made happy!

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Together against loneliness

Granny's brings lonely elderly and young volunteers together to make soup together

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Fresh, nutritious ingredients

The soups are made with fresh vegetables and herbs, based on the recipes of the grandmas and grandpas

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Preventing food waste

During the cooking days we use leftover vegetables to make the soup

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Granny's available insupermarkets

Buy Granny's at your supermarket and contribute directly to our mission to combat loneliness. The turnover is used to finance the cooking days and thus to make lonely elderly people happy!

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We are B-corp!

That means we meet the highest standards of social and environmental impact. With more than 4,000 fellow B Corps - like Patagonia, Tony Chocolonely, Ben & Jerry's, Innocent & Dopper - we strive to use our business operations to do good for people and the environment. Pretty cool right?

Granny's activity!

Granny's is currently active in 12 cities in the Netherlands and we are expanding abroad! By buying Granny's in the supermarket, we can expand the number of cities and provide structural fun for our elderly in the Netherlands and abroad! Will you help?

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Granny's Soep Gala

Granny's has given another great party with many happy elders : Granny's Gala!

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How can you help?

Every day we work hard to provide lonely elderly people with fun contact moments to contribute to their health. We can use all the help of volunteers for this!



637985 +Contact moments with elderly people 809 +Organized cooking days
39620 +Kilos of vegetables saved from food waste